Beach Rentals

Beach Rentals

Get Setup for some Good Clean Fun!


For the beginner surfer, we offer soft surfboards ranging from 6 foot to 10 foot in length. Make your first surfing experience fun on a bigger and wider board. These boards are easy to stand on and easy to catch waves. A must have piece of equipment when you first learning to surf.

Surfboard Rental Rates

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Experience the new generation of board riding. Stand Up Paddle boarding is the new way to experience Good Clean Fun in the water.

GCF offers basic selection of entry level paddle board equipment. SUP boards range from 10 to 12 feet. Want a lesson in Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Call for an appointment.

Paddle Board Rental Rates


Exploring the coast line of Cayucos and the Central Coast is easily enjoyed in a Sit On Top Kayak. Explore untouched kelp forests, discover remote beaches, and experience marine life in its natural habitat.
We have kayaks for your every need. Single kayaks, double kayaks, and fishing kayaks. All kayaks come with backrests, paddles, and life jackets. Wetsuit Rentals are available.

Kayak Rental Rates


The easiest approach to riding a wave is a bodyboard. We offer bodyboards in two sizes. 42 inch length is the most common size. A 52 inch board is available for larger riders. All boards come with a wrist tether.

Bodyboard Rental Rates


The waters off Cayucos are cool all year round. They range from the low 50s to the low 60s in temperature. To enjoy the ocean on the Central Coast one needs a full wetsuit. Good Clean Fun offers high quality 4/3 full wetsuits for all sizes.

Wetsuit Rental Rates